Happy Sunday!  Hope all is well with you!  I am looking forward to spring!!  Wanted to let you know I have a new cd released in 2016.  It is an album of Dennis Morgan Hit songs including I was Country When Country Wasn't Cool, I Wouldn't Have Missed It For the World, Nobody, Missing You to name a few!  Songs made famous by Barbara Mandrell, Ronnie Milsap, Sylvia, Charlie Pride.  It is available at  Itunes and Amazon.   Give a listen and download!!  I am grateful for Your support over the years! 2017 is a busy year as 2016 was!   Please check out the updated calendar!  Thank you to everyone for inviting me to sing, speak or call a dance for you!  You are a gift to me and Everyday is a Gift from God!  May God Bless You Always!

Good Monday Morning...what a beautiful day!!!!  Please be sure to check my updated calendar.  I am also the featured artist on   American Veterans Radio.....Thanks Jim!!!  I have added a new video from you tube to It is from the Rathburn Country Music Show that I was blessed to be on in September.  It has been a busy fall with my last Christmas show on Dec 17th.  My cds would make a wonderful christmas gift for all ages too!  God is so good to me!   Hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving Day and weekend.  We have so much to be grateful to God for everyday of our life....everyday is a gift!  Wishing you a blessed Christmas season...remember the reason for the season....Jesus Christ Our Savior, Brother and Friend.   HE LOVES YOU!!! 

August 2011  thought you might like is good and God is good! Living my dream!

Lots of news....lots of travel....lots of fun!!!  I am thanking God for His blessings....I am singing lots of places and meeting good friends and new friends.   God has made it possible for me to continue to sing.   If you would like to be a sponsor to help me meet expenses as I sing, please let me know!!!   I am posting a new video interview for your viewing pleasure on You tube thanks to Warren Michaels with Upphront  and you can view my schedule for upcomng events in your area.  If you would like me to come to your area, please let me know!!! God Bless You and enjoy your summer!!! Elaine 

Apri 1, 2011  Happy April Fool's Day!    I am excited that Bob Calvert published a story about my Spirit of America CD.  

Thank you Bob Calvert for sharing my story of my Spirit of America CD. Visit his website and story at   Please check out my calendar too as it is filling in, Praise the Lord!   I am now taking bookings for 2011.   Have a happy weekend everyone!  Bless you, Elaine

March 28, 2011

What a positive week this has been, phone has been ringing for engagements, thank you God~ We had a great time at the Community Churches in Mission Fundraiser Dinner on March 20th.  Our son Danny and granddaughters Paige and Kaleigh were able to go with us since they were visiting for the weekend.  That was a real treat to have them along, thanks to Norma and Ken Saylor and the group for inviting us to sing and minister and entertain, and special guests Dorothy, Mary and Rita who attended.  Did an interview yesterday with Don Leake with Greater Love Outreach. org on his radio is the link to listen   I will be doing more interviews on on April 6 & 7 Veteran Telethon with our son, Howard and Bob Calvert with and with Warren Micheals internet radio show in the following weeks so check back for the links to listen!!!   God is opening doors I would never have imagined!!! Thank You Lord!   Check out my page at and on  May God Bless you with a great week....spring is here AMen!!    Blessings, Elaine

March 10, 2011

Hi Everyone, How are you all?  Ready for Spring, just like me I bet!  Supposed to be in the 40's today.....:)

Things are going well here; beginning to receive some bookings for this spring and summer, which I am happy to do!  A great surprise as to how God works, is that I am writing thank you letters for the Patriot Program who honors combat wounded soldiers once a month visit  Wes has put a link from their web page to mine, bless his heart.  He also referred me to another great patriot, Bob Calvert, who is a supporter of our troops/families and veterans .... be sure to visit his website He has a new video out with inteviews from our troops in Iraq and Afiganistan and the positive things that they are doing.    He also did a story on our son Brent and me.  Thank you Wes and Bob!

In February it was fun to sing at a Valentines party at Cherokee Villa in Cherokee with my good friend Wayne Longtin  We really enjoyed the day and getting to sing together had been along time!  I also was a caller at the Madison Winter Square Dance Festival with my other caller friends.  It was so good to be able to call a tip or two....I forgot how much I enjoy it!   My husband Paul, who is president of the square dance association, did a fine job running the meeting and we so enjoyed dancing together too!!!  We also entertained at the SD State Mens Prison in Sioux Falls.  It was a joy to see their hearts touched and three even sang a song by themselves, they love the singing along gospel time too and Wanda's rocking piano playing and Richards Jokes!!! It is a privilege to get to minister and be there.  Please pray for the prisoners and that they may come to know the Lord more deeply. 

My calendar is updated, I will be adding more as the month goes on.  I was honored to sing on Saturday the 5th of March at the International Women's Day Celebration in Sioux Falls, SD thanks to my good friend Linda Hagadorn.   It was a special day of multi-cultural speakers and fashions.  The speakers were wonderful and Holly Hoffman, of 2010 Survivor Season was the main speaker and quite and inspiration to all of us.   It was special to meet her and so many others in the area and get to sing songs from my Spirit of America cd. 

We are looking forward next weekend to a visit from our son Danny and granddaughters Paige and Kaleigh.   I can't wait!  I love having children and grandchildren visit !!!!  They are such JOYS!  I thank God every day for all our family and friends and good health!  God is Good.  They will be going with us to Lennox SD to sing at the Elementary School/ Church dinner.   The girls join me on a song or too, which is a treat as well as you might get to hear Paul sing too!!!   

If you would like me to come to your church or event, I look forward to hearing from you!!!!

Wishing you all a good week and to you all soon,






Saturday the 4th, News from The National Country Music Festival in Lemars.  The Rural Roots Commission chose my childrens album "The World is Full of Colors" as the "TRIBUTE ALBUM OF THE YEAR"  What an honor to recognize children and receive this award!  I am so blessed to receive this award.    Thank you NTCMA/Rural Roots Commission!

Also on October 3 I am honored to be inducted into the South Dakota Country Music Hall of Fame at the VFW in Sioux Falls, SD at 3 pm.  How surprised and in awe I was when I received that phone call.  Thank you to whomever nominated me!!!   So join me at the VFW in Sioux Falls,SD at the VFW!!!!  Would love to see you and celebrate this honor with you.  Without all of my family and friends, I would not have been able to do all that I have gotten to do over the last few years.  I am blessed!!!  In May we attended the announcement of the Inductees at Garretson SD - it was nice to meet some of the other inductees and families and have the support of my good friends there, Dorothy Miles, Mary, Marlene, Wayne Longtin and the Kooi Family. 

UPDATE:  We attended the October Inductions into the SDCMHOF at the VFW in Sioux Falls.   It was one the most specialest day in my life.   My darling husband Paul was the one who nominated me.   WE both cried during the induction.....when they announced that Paul was the one who nominated me and kept the secret for almost a took my breath away!  He is such a beautiful awesome gift of love in my life and I thank God everyday for him, our love and marriage.  Thank you Paul for your love and support in this journey of my music dream.  So many blessings that I have been given, you, family, friends .... I love you all!

In November we sang at the SD Mens prison with Wanda and Richard and entertained them with gospel and country music...even a bit of broadway!!   It was an enjoyable day.... In Dec we also went to a different facility there and performed a christmas program .....  The blessings that we get from speading God's love and sharing our music are so rewarding.  It is an opportunity to share our love of the Lord and our ministry!  Thank you to Don, the M2 Coordinator and the prison for allowing us to do the concerts!

We also entertained with Erv Pickhinke at the St. James Market Place on Dec 5 .... It is a historic school and they have homemade crafts, quilts, food, woodworking and more, in addition to the school house and classrooms.   It is a neat place to visit and browse and get unique gifts.  Thank you for inviting us for your Christmas program....they are open weekends from May to December.  

We had a wonderful Christmas with our sons Danny and Terry & Gwenn and our grandchildren Paige, Kaleigh, Alex, Lucas, Tyler.  Sure missed our Texas son Brent and Kelly and Gavin tho they were with us in spirit.  My Mom and sPops Lowell were able to make it too.   New years we stayed home, and stayed warm!!!!  

Will try to keep up with this more regularly.....God Bless You all,

Love, Elaine

Following is an feature article that I was honored to be interviewed for Thought you might like it too! 

EXCITING NEWS....Had the pleasure of working with Dennis Morgan on two projects last fall.  They are now available for your listening pleasure....see below for details....just go to home page and click on the album and order!!!     I was honored to be inducted into the Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame in September by National Traditional Country Music President Bob Everhart.  What an honor to receive this award for my contributions to the preservation of traditional country music.  I grew up listening to the radio and my Dad sing the country classics....which he loved and I grew to love too!! 

Besides being very busy this fall with gigs, we took a trip to Texas to see our youngest son Brent and his wife Kelly and Baby Gavin.  What a fun time we had! 

In Omaha, it was an awesome New Years Eve and New Years as we celebrated Christmas with all of our sons, Danny Terry Brent, daughter in laws Gwenn and Kelly and Grandchildren, Paige & Kaleigh, Alex, Lucas & Tyler and Gavin.  My heart swelled with JOY and GRATITUDE for the Blessing of Family.  It had been 4 years since we were all together at one it was the bestest Christmas present ever!!  The love of family and friends and our Lord is what life is all about!!!  Thank you Lord !!  God Bless You all for all of your love, prayers, and all mean so much to us!! Happy New Year to You!



Original Fun Songs with a Message written, published and produced by Dennis Morgan  

My Bestest Friend, Buckets of Water, Colors, Dreaming Tree, I Know a Place, Munchie the Monkey, Popsicle Man, You've Got a Right to Dream, Stubby, Try Try Try & I Know Something Good About You



Featuring Special Guest -- Paul Peacock

Arranged & Produced by Dennis Morgan

Amazing Grace, Battle Hymn of the Republic, I'll Fly Away, How Great Thou Art, I Saw the Light, Just a Closer Walk,

Jesus Loves Me, Our Father, The Old Rugged Cross, Precious Lord



The Spirit of America; God Bless Our President; Hail, Hail, The American Housewife; Take God Out and We God Down; Remember Me; God's Teardrops; America America (Recited by Paul Peacock); Amazing Place-America; America Today; Pray for Peace, Watching Over the Soldiers at Christmas, & God Bless the USA sung by Jacob Sample who is 11 years old & and has been singing since he was seven!!!!



March 7, 2008  Sample Night Live went so wonderfully and met so many talented people.  Thank you Barbe and your dedicated staff who made us feel so special!!  You are Great!  The audiance was so fun too!! Thanks for your appreciation!  Thank you to little Ellieanna who came up on stage with me for Pray for Peace, it was an honor to have you be part of the show!! You are darling and a natural....keep up your enthusastic spirit!!    Wayne Longtin and I were asked back again so watch their schedule for future shows at

Looking forward to playing at Manannah tonight with Wayne - It should be a great time!  Thank you to Wayne and Wendy for your wonderful hospitality and love while I am in MN!  You are a blessing to me and so many others!

March 4, 2008 Heading for Minneapolis....   Another goal accomplished with with help of Wayne Longtin, and God's good plan!! Never dreamed 5 years ago there would be such awesome opportunities and so many good friends along the way!!  See info.

·          “Elaine Peacock will be featured March 5, 2008 at the premiere of Sample Night Live!  Sample Night Live is a new monthly evening of performances offering a preview of upcoming Twin Cities arts events.  Each evening features a dozen arts organizations, offering 10 minute samples of unique work. Sample Night Live offers a smorgasbord of G-Rated family entertainment in Act I and unrated art in Act II so that new audiences can sample small to large companies and independent and emerging artists, offering an inexpensive way for audiences to get a taste of what is in the Twin Cities without having to commit a full evening to a single entertainment source.  As the old Vaudeville saying goes, "If you don't like what you see, wait five minutes and it will change."  A full listing of this month’s featured artists can be found at  Performances are at 7pm on the first Wednesday of every month in 2008 at Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis (at the corner of Bryant and Lake Streets in Minneapolis). Tickets are $15; Students and Senior Tickets are $10; Children’s Tickets (under 10) are $5.  $2 discounts are available to Elaine Peacock Season Ticket Holders. Tickets are available online at or by calling 612.825.8949.

Of special note:

"Thank you" to all of you who have prayed and sent cards when our son, Brent, was injured in Iraq.  Here is link of him receiving his purple heart.  Please continue to pray for him and all of our troops who are serving our country.  I am very proud of Brent and all of our soldiers.

Oct 29 - Visted Brent end of Sept...He is doing wonderfully...great spirit attitude ...he is an inspiration.   Had another surgery on his hand and another scheduled in December on his arm....Thank you for your continued prayers for his recovery and all of our military.  God Bless them and You!

Sept 3 --- Brent is doing okay ... He is at home with his wife.  Thanks again for all of your prayers and concern and suppport and friendship.  Thank you for your continued prayers, it is what has brought us all through the last three months.  Please pray for all of our troops and their families....these soldiers put their life on the line every  day for us.  Pray for peace for our world.


SEPT 3, 2007 My how time flies!  July and August were busy months filled with family and friends and music.  Spent time with my sons, grandsons and granddaughters, visited Boystown with the grandchildren and slid down the big slides at Layhe Park in Omaha, watched my sons, Danny and Terry play at the Nebraska State Softball Tournament.   What a treat to see them both play on the same team again like they did when they were kids.  Have seen steady improvement in my son Brent since the IED injured him  He has a new eye and will have more surgeries on his right arm .... I am grateful he is alive and home with his wife now.  We are very proud of him and all of our troops.  Thanks for all of your prayers and cards and love.

 We visited the Black Hills with Paige and Kaleigh....who thought the hills were awesome!  Had a surprise visit by our Canadian friends Vic and Peggy whom we met at the Missouri Valley Country Music Festival last year, hosted several friends who were traveling through to music gigs with me and on to others with other performers. It has been fun to work with all of them.  Wayne and Wendy Longtin were with us for a week after the Heritage Fest and we performed at the Plymouth Co Fair in LeMars IA with the band aka the Outback Band and beautiful harmony by Julie Couch and Rhonda Hofer (the Johansen Sisters). Wyanb and I have been featured at  the KOA campground in North Sioux City SD and Onawa, IA, we have ministered at the Gospel Mission, sang and taught the Virginia Wheel at a Barn Dance in Co. Bluffs with Erv Pickhinke and Friends, were featured at the Labor Day Celebration in Wagner SD to name a few.   Just returned from the National Traditional Country Music Fest which was so fun and a pleasure to meet new musicians and see and perform with friends whom we have met over the years.   Wayne Longtin and I have had the opportunity of working together alot lately and have found that our ministries have complimented our performances together and are touching hearts. So God is good and has a plan for all of us....Jeremiah 29:11.  

My husband Paul is holding down the home fires and sings with me when he can.....we did a 50th Anniversary Party with our pianist and friend Wanda Jilderda and he was a hit!!  He also sang with me at the Heritage Music Fest..(which was a huge success).....his rendition of Can't Help Falling in Love and As Time Goes By was so beautiful & you could have heard a pin drop...there were several ladies especially my Mom who had tears on their cheeks as he sang.  God has blessed me with such a wonderful man....I could not do this music thing without his love and support. Well, it is late and tomorrow is a full day....Hope to see you somewhere along the way and  I thank God for all of our family, friends and fans....Until next time....God Bless You and yours.   Elaine and Paul

JULY 11, 2007  Goodmorning everyone!  It is a beautiful cool summer day here today ....  a nice respite from the heat of the summer.  I did not realize it has been so long since I wrote.  Life has been busy this spring and summer and God has been good to me as well as all of you too.  I hope that you are all good and enjoying the summer.  It has been really nice to see so many familiar faces in the audiences as well as meet so many of you new friends too.  Thank you so much for your support and care.

On a sad note,our youngest son Brent was injured in Iraq last month.  He is home now and doing okay although will  have serveral more surgeries on his arm.  I want to thank all of you who have prayed and sent cards.   I am very grateful that God spared his life and that he will recover.  Thanks for all the prayers for all of our troops and please continue to pray for them, their families and for world peace.  Here is a link if you would like to see him receiving his purple heart.  We are very proud of him.  Also a story in the Sioux City Journal on July 6 at

Through this we have made many new friends for which I am grateful that have been touched by this war either through injury, death of a loved one or have members of their families serving in the service.

If you are quilters, you may contact who has been extremely helpful and supportive of soldiers and their families ans well as myself and our family.

Here are a couple of other  organizations that help our soldier and families AND if you know of more please contacat me.;;

Until next time, God Bless You,



DECEMBER 10, 2006 - Good morning everyone!  Hope you had a great thanksgiving!!  What a beautiful weekend for December, God is good to give us such good traveling weather.  May you find some time this busy holiday season to celebrate the reason for the season...Jesus and his love for us!

The fundrasier for the Childcare center was a success...I thank everyone who attended, was there in spirit and all of the wonderful donations. The childcare center was thrilled and we all had so much fun, especially the audience participation with the children and adults on The Ballad of Sandy Claus!!  The song is on my Chirstmas album and is a story about how Mrs. Santa saved Christmas.  It is a favorite by those who have heard it or have my new album.  All of the songs are good but another one that is touching many hearts is "Pray for Peace".  I have seen tears when I sing it.  Peace is what we need so much of in our world today and I pray everyday for peace for everyone and every nation.  This album and my other three would make a wondeful christmas gift for someone on your list.  My guest Henry Derksen also sang at the concert and his songs touch your heart too.  Visit his web page for more information on his albums.

Last month, the band and I traveled to ND/SD State Fair Managers Convention to showcase in Bismark ND.  We met some new friends and had fun.  It was also another case where God goes before us preparing the way.  From Bismark I needed to go to Rapid City alone and on to Hot Springs to call a square dance on Sunday.  We met Kenny Miller who is an awesome singer and performer who does Elvis, Roy Orbison, Marty Robins impersonations and is also a great songwriter . He and his girlfriend Cheryl and his friend Herbie had to leave on Saturday to go home to Deadwood for a gig that night.  Henceforth.. God gave me an angel to guide the way there since I had never been across ND before.  We have become fast friends and I highly recommend him too for your event too.   Thank you Kenny and Cheryl for all of your guidance and help and friendship.  I look forward to working with you in the future.

This week the Band and I and my Pianist Wanda Jilderda had the pleasure of entertaining 1500 people at the Ramkota Inn in Sioux Falls for the Avera McKennan Prestige Plus Christmas Party.  What a wonderful fun time we had with everyone.  Thank you Avera McKennan and Linda Olson, Marketing Director for inviting us to share in your wonderful celebration!

In January we will be helping with a couple of fundraisers one for a very dear friend's son in law who has cancer... he has a young wife and two small children.  Please pray for them.  The other fundraiser is for my good friend, Wayne Longtin and his ministry to the homeless and needy. Visit his web site  His ministry New Roads Ministries is doing wonderful work for the poor and his own story is very touching and gives hope to all in need.   He is also a songwriter and performer.  He helped me and shared his story at the CD Release and Fundraiser held at Linda and Otto Hagadorn's Laktoa Event Center (thank you Linda & Otto) in Tea, SD for the Sioux Falls SD Gospel Mission in November.  The director of the mission, Fran Stenberg, was very touched by his story and our music.

Until next time,  May God continue to bless you with peace,  Merry Christmas,

Elaine and Paul


NOVEMBER 15, 2006    Hope you are all well and happy!!  Lots of things have happened since September, My son Brent was deployed, (Please pray for him and all of our troops daily).  I am very proud of him and all of our troops.  I pray for peace everyday.

Lots has happened since September, My new Christmas Album "Everyday is Christmas" is now out!!! People say it is the best yet!!  Featured songs from it at a fundraiser at Sioux Falls and another one planned on  Dec 3 in Jefferson SD.  See my calendar for details.  Did a concert at Furley KS United Methodist Church thanks to Pastor Bob Sample and his parish, A concert for the SD County Fair Extension Leaders, Fundraiser for 1st Baptist Church Vermillion, called a dance at Grand Island NE (Thanks LeRoy Cote for inviting me) and a gospel concert at my hometown York NE which was great fun.  All four of my brothers were able to attend making it very special too!! I participated in the Country Music FEst in Fremont NE the first weekend in October.  I appreciate being invited by Bob and Sheila Everhart who keep country music alive and well.  Another is scheduled for the 1st weekend in October next year too!!  The band and I have been very busy since September, playing at the So. Sioiux City Senior Center, the Sioux City Gosple Mission with Wayne Longtin, Neleigh NE Jam, this weekend at the North/South Dakota Fair Managers Showcase in Bismark, ND, Wessington Springs, SD Opera House where we did a Patsy Cline Tribute Show that was enjoyed by all with Wanda Jilderda, and at Tea SD for the Fundraiser for the Union Gospel Mission at the Lakota Event Center.  Wayne Longtin and Henry Derksen were gurst singers Linda Hagadorn has a wonderful place to hold concerts and conventions at Tea.  Check it out.

Paul and I  had a wonderful trip and vacation to Branson MO.  My Aunt Mary and Wayne along with my pianist Wanda Jilderda and her husband Richard had Fun going to the shows and touing Branson and the beautiful autum colors.   It was a blessing to also get to sing with Solid Gospel Praise at the Hamner Barber Theater Church Service.  If you are ever in Branson, you will enjoy Jim Barber and Dave Hamner show during the week as well as the church service on Sunday.

I am excited about this next event.  I hope you can attend.

Dec 3   Country Christmas Gospel Concert Benefiting St. Peter’s Daycare/Pre-school Features Elaine Peacock Band & Guests,  Sunday December 3rd, 2006 at 2 p.m.  @ New Community Hall, Jefferson SD


Until next time, God Bless you and Happy Thanksgiving!!!


September 8, 2006

Good morning..I am.writing to you today from sunny Killeen TX where I am delighted to see my youngest son Brent who is serving our fine country as an Army career man!  I am so proud of him and grateful to enjoy his company and spend some time with him.  Today is Patsy Cline's Birthday...She would have been 74 and she still continues to impact lives with her music.  No matter where I sing people want me to sing her songs.  Just last week at the National Traditional Country Music Festival held in Missouri Valley Iowa a night of tribute to Patsy was held with singers Jackie Shewey, Margie LaBlanc, Teri Church and myself singing our favorite Patsy songs.  It was attended by many fans who enjoyed hearing her songs and responded with much applause and appreciation.   The week long country music festival was a success.  I was honored to be accompanied by Howard & Jan Grimm  and Dave Bergquist of Lynch NE as we traveled to the Nebraska State Fair, Mo Valley and Hawarden IA last week.   It was a pleasure to see friends and meet new friends who love country and bluegrass music.  Among those that I met were Singer/Songwriter Wayne Longtin from Litchfield MN ( who attended the fest for the first time and joined us too.  Another new performer to the fest was Singer/Songwriter Henry C. Derksen ( from Alta  IA.  He and Wayne both touched my heart with their songs and spirit. The Johansen Sisters from O'Neill, NE were so much fun and their harmony won them 1st place in the harmony  contest and their songwriting talents placed them 1st in that contest as well.  If you like Johnny Cash you will truly enjoy Daryl Weyman from Canada.  His tribute to Johnny brings Johnny Cash back to life as he sings his songs.  Daryl looks and sounds so much like Mr. Cash you feel like he is in the room.  If you get a chance to see any of these fine performers, don't miss the will not be disappointed.  It was a pleasure too to get to see so many friends who I have had the honor of meeting and working with over the the past years too.  Plan next  year to attend the festival with over 600 perfomers and 10 stages always held the week before Labor Day. If you are a performer/musician contact Bob & Sheila Everhart for information.   Their web page is

Just talked with my producer, Dennis Morgan and my christmas album should be available in the next couple of weeks....just in time for your christmas gifts!  I will be gving a concert at the United Methodist Church in Furley Ks next week on my home from Texas.  My good friend Linda Donnolley traveled with me to Kansas to see her son for the week while I went on to Texas.  Her son Bob is a pastor at UMC.

Sept 3 --- Brent is doing okay ... He is at home with his wife.  Thanks again for all of your prayers and concern and suppport and friendship.  Thank you for your continued prayers, it is what has brought us all through the last three months.  Please pray for all of our troops and their families....these soldiers put their life on the line every  day for us.  Pray for peace for our world. 

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