http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kb9DXgsGFO4nterview with Warren Michaels Upphront Radio..... thought you might like this...life is good and God is good! Living my dream!

Elaine Peacock has been calling Square Dances since 1995, after going to her first callers education school in August 1994.  Since then she has called 25+ dances a year in Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, and as far away as Michigan and Wyoming.  In 1996 she instructed her first 2 classes and has taught every year since - either regular classes of all ages or special classes for homeschool groups, seniors, women, church and family events; and, high school and grade school P.E. Classes .  She and her husband Paul have been the instructor 13 years for the college students and the families at the University of South Dakota Children Miracle Network Dance Marathons ---- which has been voted #1 activity every year by the Students and families!  Teaching has been a passion of Elaine's since she was young so she found her "Calling" teaching Square Dancing!  For Barn Dances and special dances, her program consists of the Virginia Reel, basic circle and square dancing and some line dance as well as the chicken dance! Her patience and expertise with all ages is outstanding and she makes it fun for everyone!

Another passion was to be a full-time singer and entertainer.  In 2003, she took a leap of faith, quitting a full-time job to pursue her dream.....a singing career!  Since then Elaine has been singing up a storm and traveling extensively performing and bringing joy from her heart through her music and sparkling personality for children, adults, churches, senior citizens, Senior Care services, groups, fairs, music festivals, corporate events and state conventions with a variety of music --- fun songs, songs from the decades, Gospel, Patsy Cline, Patriotic, Christmas, and original songs.  She is awaiting her new Childrens' album "Dream n Color" with songs for all ages - just in time for Christmas! Elaine has recorded 7 albums since 2002 and is a highly sought after entertainer and square dance caller who engages her audiences and dancers with her energy, enthusiasm and joy! 






Square Dance Caller Resume



Elaine Peacock 

Elk Point SD 

v     DANCER

1.      I learned to dance in the fall of 1993.

2.      Member - Dakota Dudes & Dolls Square Dance Club - Elk Point, South Dakota


1.      Callerlab Licensed Square Dance Caller and Instructor  - 1995 - March 2004

2.      American Callers Association Licensed Square Dance Caller & Instructor - April 2004 - 2005

3.      Callerlab Licensed Square Dance Caller and Instructor 2005-20010

4.      Member of Siouxland Callers Association 1995 to present

5.      Member of Iowa Callers Association - 1996 to present

6.      Member of Nebraska Callers Association; 1997 to present

7.      Member of South Dakota Callers Association - 1998 to present

8.      Vice President & President - So. Dakota Callers Association. 2001 & 02

9.      Past President of the South Dakota Square Dance Campers Association


1.      Attended 7 Callers Schools to advance my knowledge of calling and teaching -

2 of which were full week schools

1994 - Harold Bausch Callers School - Fremont, NE

1996 - Chuck Veldhuizen Callers Clinic - So. Sioux City NE

1997 - Smokey Mountain Callers School - Sevierville TN Instructors: Gary Schomacke, Jerry Haag, Scot Smith, Ken Bower

                               2000 - Heartland of America School - Kansas City MO

                                Instructors: Jerry Junck, Tony Oxendine, Paul Hensey

                                2001 - Heartland of America School - Kansas City MO

                                Instructors: Jerry Junck, Paul Hensey

2003 - Callers Clinic, Mitchell SD - Instructor: Jerry Junck

2004 - Callers Clinic, Mitchell SD - Instructor: Larry Hoskinson

2.      CALLERLAB CONVENTIONS .... CONTINUED EDUCATION AND NETWORKING WITH CALLERS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD ---  April of 2001 - Attended CALLERLAB CONVENTION in Las Vegas, NV to meet with callers from all over the world for the annual meeting and education workshops. March 2005 - Attended CALLERLAB CONVENTION in Louisville, KY...April 2009 Attended CALLERLAB CONVENTION IN Kansas City, MO

        3.      Call an average of 25-30 - 2 ½ hour dances a year in South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Wyoming, Minnesota, Michigan.  Called at 2002 & 2003 National Square Dance Conventions in St. Paul, MN & Oklahoma City, OK

4.      Numerous demonstration dances at fairs, cultural events, senior centers, nursing homes and even called a square dance in a play at the Yankton Community Theater!

 5.      Elk Point Dudes and Dolls Square Dance Club hosted the May 2003 South Dakota State Festival, which was held at Elk Point  School  Atrium.  It was very well received by the school and the community.  I was the MC for the evening dance. We also have held the 2006 & 2009 Festivals in Elk Point , SD.


1.      (13) years experience as an instructor from 1996 to present Ten (10) 2 hour - 16-20 week sessions of square dance to people ages 7-92 in South Sioux City, Nebraska; Sioux City, Iowa; Vermillion and Elk Point, South Dakota through Park and Recreation programs; church programs; and, Community Education programs

2.      Instructed for P.E.Classes  at East, West, North High Schools in Sioux City, Iowa  and Elk Point SD

3.      University of South Dakota Children's Miracle Network Dance Marathon for 13 years, which has been voted the number one activity of the Marathon every year by the students. One  year there were over 200 attendees who raised over $38,000 up from $17,000 in 2002. They learn the Virginia Reel, Teton Mountain Stomp and basic square dance moves along with challenging ones as time permits.   I was invited to go to South Dakota State University for their dance marathon.

4.      2002 Iowa-Nebraska Division International Association of Administrative Professionals Taught to square dance at their Annual meeting in Sioux City as our Friday night Mixer "Get to know each other" fun activity.  Everyone had a good time and it was a different activity for them.

5.      Spring of 2004 - Elk Point Jefferson Community Schools - 3rd Grade PE Class of 60 students aided by the teachers for 6 - ½ hour sessions in 3 weeks.  Simplified version of the Virginia Reel for their Spring Choir Lewis and Clark Concert Program  

6.      Spring of 2004 -Sioux City, Iowa Home School Focus Group - Taught 6 - 1 hour classes to 16-18 families with over 50 children ages 4-18 and their parents.

Fall of 2004 & 05  - and Spring of 2005 & 06  Home School Focus Group are continuing these six-week sessions this fall and winter!  This will help to fulfill their Physical Education Requirement and they get to meet other children and families. A local nursing home care center and church allowed us to meet at their facility; the children interacted with the residents and square dancing is the entertainment for the day. It is a win-win activity!

Spring of 2005 - Home School Group in Vermillion with students 4-12 years of age for a six-week session.  Taught them very basic square dancing along with the Hokey Pokey, Virginia Reel, Macarena, Chicken Dance.  All showing movements, marching to the beat of the music, left right hands and feet, working a s partners and following instructions.   They put on a demonstration for a local Vermillion SD Assisted Living on their last lesson and did very well!!

2008 & 2009 and again in  2010 -  Sioux Falls Homeschool Group - Barn Dance in Parker SD, 4-6 Squares of families enjoyed a night of a variety of dancing for ALL Ages, Virginian Reel, Line Dancing, Chicken Dance, Basic Square and Circle Dances.  A great time was had by all!

7.      Summer of 2004 - Lennox, Canton, Beresford and Centerville Public Library Reading Programs - Taught Virginia Reel, Chicken Dance and square dancing to over 100 children. 

       8.      Siouxland Senior Center -Sioux City, Iowa -

         Taught 1  hour per week for four (4) winters.

        9.      Christian Women's Monthly Dinner and Speaker - Onawa IA Taught square dancing to the at their monthly meeting as well as sang my music!


Ø      I am professional, patient, kind and cheerful with my students, attentive to their learning level; dependable; respectful of others; honest and thorough; detailed oriented and work well with teachers and all age groups.

Ø      I like to have fun when I dance and teach.  I enjoy teaching children and adults as they learn to dance and watch them grow in confidence, coordination and fellowship.

Ø      I find great joy and satisfaction in their accomplishments and friendship.

Ø      My singing and speaking voice is clear and understandable and professional. Dancers like to dance to my calling and people find listening very enjoyable and pleasing to the ear.  I invested in vocal lessons in high school and have had a vocal coach for the last six  years.

Ø      I am eldest of six siblings and the mother of three sons so I have a lot of experience with children (grandchildren too!).

Ø      I have always wanted to teach so square dance instruction has filled that talent!

Ø      Like to learn and am not afraid of challenge and hard work to achieve a goal. 

Ø      I am friendly and outgoing and like to meet people.  My job for several years as an administrative assistant in both private and public business gave me the experience to deal with all ages and situations in a professional manner.


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