What People Are Saying!

"What a beautiful hour of music!! My husband and I enjoyed it so much. God Bless You for all you do!

Lila & Pat Geary, Omaha, NE - Holy Famil Shrine - Omaha, NE


“Elaine , you see the good in every one you meet. It doesn’t matter if they are more unfortunate than you are, and have had really hard lives in the past. You encourage them to do the best they can musically and encourage them to have faith and peace in their lives. You also are a good role model for them to learn to know God as their Lord, through music, and in return can tell others how they came to know the Lord as their Savior.”

Mary F. - Minetonka, IA

“"We love all you do. The festival, your beautiful music and that YOU are a survivor.God Bless you and yours."”

Wilma/Arnie H. - Akron, IA

"A Christian lady with alot of talent and love. It radiates out of you, Elaine, when you are singing or just visiting with you. Your strong faith has been a great value in overcoming the cancer, along with all the prayers of your family and friends. Keep up your strength and continue spreading the gospel and lighting up the lives of all your friends who know you, including me."

Mary Franzen - A friend and Fan from Iowa

“Elaine, With great appreciation to you and your marvelous talent. You really kept everyone on a high note with the great titles you sang. You brought so much excitement and fun to our day, God Bless You!”

Linda Hagedorn, Coordinator and Owner of Lakota Event Hall, TEA, SD - Women's Multi-Cultural Celebration Day, Sioux Falls SD March 5, 2011

“Elaine, Thank you for the spectacular performance at Trail Ridge. Your music brightened everyone's spirits. Thank you for sharing your time and talents!”

Dawn - Trail Ridge Retirement Village

“Thank you for the "The World is Full of Colors" cd, my kids love it. It was nice to meet you and truly nice listening to your beautiful singing voice.”

Bobbi Jo - Thank you from Buffalo WY

“Elaine, How can we begin to Thank You for your inspirational performance? You are so gifted. I am keeping my ear to the ground to let people know about you. You have the personal touch! God Bless You!”

Audry Boehrns, Activities - Trailridge Retirment Village, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

“Elaine Peacock has a wonderful ministry. She gives you an evening of enjoyment that only she could provide. Her witness and faith journey are the center of her life. What more could you ask for?”

Richard Mack - FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, Climbing Hill, IA

“Elaine is not just a talented performer, she’s an entertainer. Her audiences know that they’ve been entertained when they see one of her shows. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong if you add her to your roster of talent at your next event or concert.”

Mary & Tex Schutz - Miles of Memories, Country Music Fest & Rally, Hastings, NE

“Elaine I want you to know that I go to sleep listening to your Smiling Down cd and I have the best nights sleep. It has helped me get through some tough times I am going through. There are certain songs that really apply to me so I want to thank you for sharing the wonderful gift God has givien you. May He bless you now and forever.”

Raylene P. - A Treasured Fan and Friend

“Elaine was a big hit at our festival. She’s incredibly talented. I review music and when I hear something like Elaine’s “Patsy Cline Album” & her other albums, I know there is still flabbergasting talent right in our own back yard".”

Bob Everhart - National Traditional Country Music Association 

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